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Law and Order in the house on March 25th at 11:30a to 1:30pm! 

We are welcoming a panel of locals to the store to shed some interesting reads to your favorite couch or reading chair!

Charlie Sewell was the chief of police for our town, just a few years ago and was also a contributing columnist for the Marietta Daily Journal. 
He is launching his new book:
I'd rather you call me Charlie: Reminiscences filled with twists of devilment, devotion and a little danger here and there

His book spans sixty-five years of reminiscences replete with the dreams of a five-year-old that came to life with humor, mischief, and some degree of peril growing into my teenage years. Life in the South enabled me to engage in antics and adventures that would prepare me for an amazing and thrilling journey into adulthood. Learn about real life events in the 1950's and 1960's in Alabama and Georgia including my surprising and poignant forty-two-year law enforcement career. You'll feel like you're there witnessing many natural deaths and fatalities that came too often. Each one was hard, and each one will confiscate a little part of your heart. Come face to face with suppressed memories and how they can hurt deeply. Can a police officer run through the sewers of life and not come out smelling rotten, or pursue fiends without becoming one? Be captivated and witness the dream unfold.

One of our other  author signing is the past Mayor of Powder Springs, so he may look quite familiar to you! 

A bit of a memoir, tell all and a bit of  history of the neighboring areas of Rockmart and other locales including Powder Springs, Brad shares a bit about himself.
Growing up in a small Southern town can be a phenomenal experience for a young boy who has any measure of curiosity and imagination. Whimsical tales of youthful frolic and childish nonsense provide a jovial flair to memories of yesteryear. But when a shameful secret of monumental magnitude rears its’ ugly head and penetrates the soul of a young man, it causes him to wonder who he really is; and, if who his very own father claimed to be was, in fact, reality. In “60 Cents”, Brad Hulsey’s life journey takes you through a myriad of high and low moments that exemplify the triumphs, struggles and realities that all humankind faces. Brad’s startling revelations and long-sought-after redemption and reconciliation stir a multitude of feelings and emotions that, ultimately, lead to new-found self-recognition and eventual forgiveness for the sins of the father – and the grandfathers."

In addition, Former Cobb County Assistant District Attorney Tom Woodward will also be signing!

This gritty noir crime story set in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1935, opens with Matthew Grimes, a young, somewhat naïve crime-beat reporter who is living in the sheltered world of a boardinghouse, when he encounters the solitary Detective Jim Greerson at the scene of a murder. The reputed kingpin behind Atlanta’s illegal numbers racket has been gunned down in the driveway of his posh suburban home. Circumstances throw the unlikely pair together to solve the case. But soon, diverted by a series of violent murders of young black women that are eerily similar to the “Atlanta Ripper” slayings of some twenty years earlier, they join forces with Lincoln Mallard, a tough black private investigator. The three men come face to face with a rich assortment of characters, from prostitutes and pimps to well-heeled citizens, battling political shenanigans, hardened criminals, and simmering racial tension alike in their dogged pursuit of justice.

Signed copies will be available a few days before and after the signing, while they last. If you wish yours to be inscribed to you, just order and send us a message or call the store  before the signing. Books are $18 and a portion of the sales will be donated to The Wounder Warriors. 

We will also have some copies of Tom's first book, Loose Ends , available as well! Signed copies available, while they last.


Our last event was with  Annette Laing! This was an interactive event and we had a great  turn out but don't be sad you missed it, just stop in for her books while we still have them! 


Time Travel with Author/Historian Annette Laing Besides being a real history professor, Annette Laing is the author of The Snipesville Chronicles. Kirkus Reviews has praised this “clever and charming” series about three middle schoolers from a small Georgia town who travel in time to a small town in England. Join Annette at The Book Worm Powder Springs for a fun talk (in Edwardian British costume!) on the history behind her books, and enjoy hands-on artifacts. Recommended for ages 8-12. Homeschoolers (and all interested kids) welcome! For more on Annette, visit AnnetteLaing.com


THE PAST..... (It's a thing, that keeps happening)

The Christmas Tree Lighting is on Dec. 2nd and we will be open until 8pm ...or so. Come stop by for a visit before or after you admire the tree and see Santa!

The City of Powder Springs would like to invite you to the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony on Friday December 2nd on the town square lawn in downtown Powder Springs. Join us for live entertainment, hot chocolate and cookies, and pictures with Santa.

Reindeer Fun Run starts at 9am on Dec. 3rd. Join Susan for a walk/jog or run and support the city's efforts to give back with their Angel Tree project!

The City of Powder Springs Wellness Team is proud to be sponsoring the Reindeer 5k fun run on the Wildhorse Trail. Staging for the run will be at 9 a.m. at the Wildhorse Creek Park located at 3820 Macedonia Rd. by the lower ballfield. The run will commence on the scenic Wildhorse Trail and will loop back to Wildhorse Creek Park and will end with a special treat provided by Home Depot. Registration is $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 4-12 years old. Children 1-3 years old are free. A family participation package is available for $25. The proceeds from the run will benefit the local Angel Trees. Participants who register in advance will receive a Reindeer Run t-shirt . All levels of fitness are encouraged to attend. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-reindeer-5k-fun-run-tickets-28732881823

Join us on October 22nd  to meet 3 local authors!! From 1pm to 3pm we will be hosting these talented peeps to The Book Worm and offering up books, conversation and Scary and Ghostly tomes for your reading pleasure!

We welcome Ann Hite back to the store.

Bonus if you can make it to our Book Club event before hand to discuss her book a bit more.    We love having our authors attend our book club night! Newly released Sleeping Above Chaos: A Black Mountain Novel, by local Georgia author, Ann Hite will be a great book to read in October. We can't wait for you to read and discuss her newest book with her. We meet at 7pm on October 11th. Space is limited so please rsvp if you can make it but otherwise she will be here for Oct 22nd signing as well;o) 

About the book: Imagine the relationship triangle from "East of Eden" and set it deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Add a couple of ghosts, a good measure of dysfunction, and a whole lot of twists and turns, and you have Ann Hite's new Black Mountain novel, SLEEPING ABOVE CHAOS. Hite's fourth novel returns to Swannanoa Gap, a small town at the foot of Black Mountain, and introduces new characters while revisiting some favorites from her previous novels. Buster and Lee Wright are the sons of Swannanoa Gap's sheriff. Their personalities couldn't be more opposite and these differences bring conflicts that may not be resolved. Ella Ruth Allen was born on Black Mountain. Her mama, a city girl, runs off with another man, leaving the two-year-old Ella Ruth behind with Paul Allen, her father. He in turn promptly dumps poor Ella Ruth on her grandparents' farm to be raised by Grandmother Allen, a woman who has an extreme dislike for her wild, runaway daughter-in-law. Hite weaves a ghost story throughout each of her novels and this one is no different. Ella Ruth follows a haint into the woods near the farm and stumbles onto her family history. When her life crosses paths with Buster and Lee Wright, fireworks explode. The reader will travel to a ranch in Montana, to Pearl Harbor, and to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, while watching the cast of characters struggle through World War II, emerging into adulthoods which would weigh heavy on anyone's shoulders. The story ends as the Civil Rights Movement ignites.

About the Author:
Ann Hite is the author of two novels and a novella. Her debut novel, GHOST ON BLACK MOUNTAIN, became a Townsend Prize Finalist and won Georgia Author of the Year in 2012. She is an active board member of the Georgia Writers Association. Hite lives in Marietta, Georgia.

Next up is Ryan Manley

Ryan is our young author who visited this summer and already has a 2nd book out, Ghost Girl!   "It will be ready for signing as he is just putting the finishing touches on it and getting his publisher to release copies early for our signing! Ryan just posted "I am also proud to provide a brief plot synopsis of the book. Please note-- This is not the OFFICIAL synopsis for the back of the book. This is just a quick plot synopsis so you will have an idea of what the book is about: Ryan Manley's new novella, Ghost Girl, tells the story of a little boy named Jack. He moves to New York with his family, but he soon discovers a ghost who lives in his closet. This ghost seems kind at first but soon becomes evil and starts to take over Jack and his family. This plot interweaves with another story to create a chilling, suspenseful, and inspirational book with a shocking ending." 

"Kept me engaged and was surprisingly emotionally affecting." -Christopher Tisone 

 His other newly released book, Thread, was a big hit in our store and we will have copies of that as well! Scroll down to read more about it. 

Joining Ann and Ryan, we will introduce Russell Holbrook to you with a newly released title, JOY! 
This is a Horror pick and is his first novel. You may find Russell at our store as he loves to help out here and thanks to him, we are excited to be creating a new section called Bizarro!

Great Hallucinatory Fiction

"I'm not going to lie, I didn't expect much from Russell Holbrook's debut novel. It's the first thing he's every had published at all, anywhere. And yet, I was kinda blown away by his talent. JOY left me reeling, confused and in a daze. While it was by no means the perfect All-American Novel, the author's debut offering left an impression on me. I don't know how to categorize this. Holbrook is a big fan of Bizarro fiction and JOY has a place there. But it also had touches of fantasy and splatterpunk. In fact, while reading this book I often felt that the author should really attempt to channel his inner Laymon and go all out splatterpunk on his next book because he has a knack for visceral grotesque and horrific scenes. He writes through taboo topics without so much as a stutter, as if it were normal. Still, his passion for fantasy storytelling shines through and weaves a wonderful mashup tale of relationships that struggle through addiction and privacy matters. "... NJMetal

"This book will astonish you if you haven't been introduced to the 'bizarro' genre. The hallucinations are exceptionally violent and gory. Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie should be given copies of this book. The book is Kafkaesque but written in a more intense style that creates in the reader a sense of exhaustion as the hallucinations end. The woman, Joy, suffers terribly from a rare, but devastating variation of PMS that makes her violent beyond reason and even she is under a doctor's care, she seems to get no relief from the experimental medications he is giving her. Her long suffering husband also suffers hallucinations that are just as violent and realistic as hers. And it seems the doctor has an agenda that is different from his healing arts that he is supposed to be practicing. All in all it does it end well? The book is so thoughtfully intense and deep that it my require a second reading to answer that spoiler question. Brutal and brilliant example of the 'bizarro' genre. N.B.--Not for young ones."... Frank

About the author:

Russell Holbrook is a writer, painter, musician, and occasional filmmaker. He was/is the co-founder and guitarist of Tooth and Nail Records recording artist Joe Christmas as well as Sit-N-Spin/Trekky Records artist Choose Your Own Adventure (NC), and he currently plays keyboard in the Atlanta based ambient noise trio, Ibofanga. He has been an avid reader and writer his entire life. He lives in Mableton, Ga. with his lovely wife and their five furry children.

Past EVENTS...  we usually will have books in stock after each signing so stop on in for your copy even after the event!

July 4th is our busiest day of the year! We now have 3 authors that are joining us!  Come out for fireworks, food, and fun and meet some of our locals! We are open  until "dark thirty" and the fireworks begin. Author appearances will be from 4pm to 8pm. 

Meet new teen author, Ryan Manley with his first book, Thread!

Reviews are already coming in for this new book! Thread is a story about a teenage boy named Zach. He is a freshman in high school. This is the story of his first relationship and how it influenced his life. Thread is an inspirational and uplifting story. We hope you will support this brand new author who is a Powder Springs resident! We are already thinking he will be a great success~~

Late breaking addition is Emlyn Clark with her book, Hail  The Prince. 
Emlyn will love for you to discover her here at The Book Worm Bookstore, in her first appearance with her book.

About the book:
A dystopia empties one’s mind and fills the emptiness with instruction and fear. A constant fear of disobeying, of punishment, even when the punisher is no where to be found. When Rurik Moslov stepped beyond the walls that had kept him prisoner since birth, he was still not free. Not from his father, not from his country. Instead, he is thrown into a world entirely unfamiliar to him, and his only guide a lonely man who mourns still for a loss a decade old. He was poor, weak, and still, despite having escaped, enslaved by his past. For how long does he have? How long until his guide finds out about his crimes? How long until Ipatiy the Great reclaims his own son and forces upon him the image of God? How long until he is, again, pushed before his people, and he hears, again, the cry of the prisoners, “Hail the Great! And hail the Prince!” "What is a Lebenworks AU?" AU stands for alternate universe. Lebenworks is a series of characters created by Emlyn M. Clark, and in each AU, are used differently. 
A reviewer writes..."Great book that addresses many controversial subjects.

Emlyn M. Clark is a young author who is constantly surrounded by puns and coffee. If either of the two are missing, Clark resorts to thinking about the word and writing books.  

Copies still available from our last few signings;o) 


Think GREEN!
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